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I really like how your post has the pictures embedded in it - looks very cool!  I'm so sad I missed you over Christmas - because I miss you!!  I want to come see you in Montreal - maybe if you're still there in 2008 because 2007 has been dubbed "the year of frugality" so we can move into a bigger house next year. :-) XOXOXOXO


[this is good] Bob Loblaw!  I miss arrested development... was such a great show.  Anyhow, have fun with your new roomie!



alright by the looks of these pics i can no longer say its cold in New Zealand! ha i'm in flip flops but got my trusty portable heater on standby just in case they crank the ac up at work...you never know those meddling men are always hot! Keep up the blogging i love it! 

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