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Liz OMgoodness you are becoming quite the walker huh! I hear ya everythings a good walk over here too. Only for you with the coat and it being cold....wow you go girl! As soon as the wind picks up and its chilly no walk! ha I love the parc and the picture at the top ...oooh la la very worth it! It looks like Montreal is beautiful!! I love that you found Baskin robbins...hey i seeked out Starbucks and have it marked for my gingerbread lattes! :) Well keep having a fun time! Stay safe and warm! Hugs and happy walking!


Hey Liz!  Look my first comment!  You had quite an adventure on your walk!  I'm totally jealous you get to explore such a cool new place.  Keep the photos coming, they're great!


People's misconceptions about CA are hysterical. Long ago, I went on a trip to DC that was organized by Mae Hensley (talk about flashbacks!) and we met some kids our age from Georgia.  They asked us if we lived near the ocean - because if you're from California, you apparently were either a surfer or a drug dealer. 

PS - you should write a book about all your adventures in search of Baskin-Robbins.  Either that or your converse collection.  It would be a good be a coffee table book - which reminds me, did you know that Converse is involved in Bono's Project Red to help AIDS-stricken people in Africa.  You need a pair of those, my friend.

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